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Internship Programs

Seattle Wedding Coordinators

Planning Your Future

Cascadia attributes much of its success in the industry and other life ventures to those who not only believed in them but offered opportunities to grow. As a way to repay past support and opportunities, Cascadia created a volunteer internship program. 

'Planning' Your Future provides interns the option to gain experience in the field and become Certified while actively applying their education through experiencing leadership, time management, communication skills, and management skills during their internship. 

12-Week Course

Our initial internship program. 

Our 12-week course provides interns with the opportunity to learn and build a foundation for their career in the industry. 

Each week, interns will watch a pre-recorded lecture on that weeks topic. Following the lesson, interns will then complete any assignments before meeting weekly with their fellow interns and mentor. 

Each month, interns are required to attend weddings or events with a Cascadia Lead. From simply observing to taking on responsibilities, this hands-on opportunity solidifies the knowledge gained during the course.

King County Wedding Planners

Certified Wedding Planner

After completing the 12-week course.

Cascadia Weddings and Events understand the importance of education in addition to hands-on learning. After completing the 12-week course, Cascadia provides interns an oppurtunity to attend a paid-for Lovegevity course, a internationally-recognized Wedding Planning Certification program.


This online course allows students to work at their own pace in a user friendly online platform. During the program, Cascadia requires that interns going through Lovegevity work at weddings during the program. 



Cascadia Weddings and Events recognizes the responsibility of hosting an intern. While privileged to aid in the eager development of students and entry-level employees, it is our responsibility to ensure that all interns leave with an understanding of the industry and feel prepared to enter the workforce.

Cascadia leadership will work closely with the intern to collaborate on tasks and ideas to encourage industry knowledge development. 

Wedding Coordinator Seattle
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