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Behind Cascadia

Audrey and I have been lifelong friends. Having met in Junior High, we have remained close through the years and have encouraged each other's passions, goals, and ventures. It was only a matter of time before our similar interests and goals collided to create something magical.

It was over a few cups of coffee that we created Cascadia. Audrey and I both have had experience in event coordinating and planning and began to discuss what a company of our own could be. Audrey, the creative genius and backbone of the company's start-up, envisioned an Event and Wedding company that encapsulated what the PNW stands for. For too long, the wedding and events industry has become a means of business. The love of creating life-long memories had become a transactional occasion. Together, we formulated a plan to create an atmosphere that invites a relationship, collaboration, and open communication with our clients. We work to celebrate each persons’ interests, visions, and unique identities.

What started as a lofty dream quickly turned into a reality. With help from family, friends, business partners, and the community, we started forming what Cascadia is now.


Audrey: Lead Planner & Owner


  • Event Management and Design -Texas A&M University

  • Office Management

  • Wedding and Event Planner-Pierce college

  • Professional Wedding and Event Planner- Lovegevity Wedding Planning Institue

It was my first adult year (18) when my family received orders from the United States Army to relocate to Vicenza, Italy. I lived off post in a small town called Torri Di Quartesolo, where I was immersed in the Italian culture and daily life. The architecture and design there awed and inspired me.

At 19, I began working at an event facility called the Warrior Zone as an Operations Assistant on the post. We hosted large holiday events for the single soldier community, along with BBQs, concerts, and festivals. We created haunted houses during Halloween, indoor football fields during the Super Bowl (which was at midnight, Italy time), and free Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners surrounded by lit trees and twinkle lights. It was here I found my passion for events.

Before leaving Italy, I was asked to be on the management team for a special event. I was not allowed to know the exact details until a couple of days before the said event. I knew only that I needed to make enough food to feed hundreds of people and that everything had to be executed “perfectly." We got hard at work, cooking in a foreign hotel kitchen and setting up the location.

On my 20th birthday, I met Michelle Obama. She read to the children in the library and stood amongst us, scooping ice cream for the soldiers and their families. I made her a chicken wrap at her request (while her secret service watched) and received an award for the event.

When I moved back to the states, I continued pursuing events. During that time, I worked for another Military event facility, went to school for Event Management and Design with Texas A&M University, and worked as a Wedding Coordinator- a newer event industry for me! Turns out, I loved that too. I decided to continue my education in that direction, becoming a Certified Wedding and Event Planner.

After much reflection, being stuck in ONE kind of event industry was not what I wanted. So with the help of my extremely talented and devoted friends, (I'm looking at you Ashley, and Miranda), we started Cascadia Weddings and Events.

So what’s our business? It’s a Celebration! Of you, our friends, our families, and taking part in this beautiful life. Your warm fuzzies are our warm fuzzies, and we can’t wait to be a part of your story, as you’ll be another piece of ours.

Thanks for reading, cheers! 🥂

-Audrey Johnson, Owner


Ashley-Sue: Lead Coordinator & Co-Founder


  • Associates of Arts-Pierce College

  • Bachelor of Science: Interdisciplinary Science-Central Washington University

  • Minors: Psychology and Administrative Management


  • Leadership in Diversity (2019, 2020)-Diversity Based Training

  • L.E.A.D-(2019, 2020)Leadership, Experience, and Development

Before working in weddings and life events, my event coordinating experience was more related to education. As a current Graduate student, I have dedicated the last 6-years of my life to working within the Colleges and Universities I attend. After planning a 250+ person event for my church, I began to refine my love for coordination projects. Having worked in finance, facility management, and venues, I have found myself diving into event coordination and planning opportunities in each one.

My proficiency in organization, time-management, and event planning has been the foundation of my life. I can often be found writing that week's schedule in my planner and making task lists for each day (hello to my fellow Type A people). My ever-evolving coordination skills have allowed me to be a wife, working mom, full-time student, and writer.

My education focuses on Psychology, Leadership, Diversity, and Administrative Management. These areas have allowed me to bring a different view and voice to the table when discussing ideas and solutions with clients. Through my work history, education, and life experiences, I have honed my ability to organize, manage tasks, remain calm when adversity appears. My goal at Cascadia is to provide our clients with feelings of serenity and ease. As a lead coordinator, I want clients to enjoy themselves while I focus on the logistics and execution of their plans.

Aside from my background, here is a little about me:

I have been married to my amazing husband for 9-years. Together we have two fur kids and our beautiful rainbow baby. I am obsessed with Harry Potter, I LOVE to travel, and the Ocean is my happy place.

Alongside making dreams a reality, I am working towards my Ph.D. to become a Professor. I am also an avid blog writer! I write here at Cascadia and also for a non-profit!

When I am not at the office or a wedding, you can find me spending time with my husband and son, at Church, writing, traveling, or cross-fit (my hobby).

I look forward to getting to know more about you!



We look forward to helping make your event dreams a reality!

Happy Planning,


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