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Audrey & Ashley-Sue; Your Bridal Besties

allow us to introduce ourselves..

With over 10 years of combined wedding and event experience around the world, our team thrives on creativity and brings a dash of vibrancy and silliness to every wedding we coordinate.


We don't just coordinate weddings; we dance our way through them!

simple, Themed, black tie, or total glam; whatever your particular wedding style preference may be, our niche is always you.

Cascadia also proudly:

sponsors local youth sports programs such as New Level 11u teal

donates 1/4 of their profits to women's college education

partners with local fire & rescue facilities

Our Team holds the following accreditations:



Presidential award issued by Michelle obama

Certified Wedding Planner- (Texas A&m university)

Event Management & Design (Pierce College)

Bachelors in Social science- (Central WA University)

Masters in education- (central wa university)

community service award- Graham Fire and rescue

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