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Best Coordinators in the PNW Perfect Ceremony

Practice makes Perfection.

A wedding involves so many moving parts, from the bridal party's entrance to the vows, ring exchange, or any other new or old traditions you’ve chosen to incorporate. Adding a rehearsal allows everyone to understand their roles and the timing of these events, ensuring a seamless and well-orchestrated ceremony for you and your party animals!


Pre-Wedding Planning Tips & Guidance

Pre- Wedding Vendor Match-Making

Timeline creation & vendor communication

Rehearsal Coordination (1 hour)

Day-of Coordination including assistance to you, your bridal party, and your vendor team throughout the evening with Emergency Maintenance & Prevention (8 hours)

Endless Vent Sessions (24 hour coordinator assistance text line)

Starting at $1500

NOTE: added fee's will only be applied when requesting more than the offered 6 total hours in this package, or, if the location requires a hotel stay for the coordination team

*We are booked out for 2025! Follow us on our social media for updates on when the 2026 season will open.

*Venue, rental team, or designated set-up team are responsible for having chairs and tables ready upon arrival so we can glam those babies up. 

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