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A little Disco, A little Glam Wedding Trend

Inspired by the recent Disco Ball craze, Cascadia partnered with a few incredible local vendors to bring our take on "the disco glam wedding trend" to life. \



Wedding Coordination at the Union Club Venue in Tacoma Washington
The Union Club in Tacoma Washington

Our first decision was the location, and we knew just the building. The Union Club was founded in 1888 as a meeting place for influential men. However, a three-story addition in 1906 allowed women to access the building. Perhaps the most exciting fact about this beautiful building is the first woman to step foot in the Union Club was First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt.

Other distinguished guests include President William Taft and college football coach Knute Rockne.


Wedding Flat Lay Photography
Retro Flat Flay

Next, to perfect our Disco Glam Wedding Trend, we connected with one of our favorite PNW photographers, Bethany Kidd Photography. We knew her light, airy editing style, and creative thought process would make perfect photos. We were not disappointed; take a look at this flat lay!

Themed Wedding by Professional Wedding Planners
Disco Glam Couple

Look at that light and the sparkle from the disco balls! Bethany's use of natural light is one of the many reasons we recommend her.

Wedding Attire in Washington State
Add in accessories like shoes and earrings!

Invitations and stationery items were created by us using Canva and Cricut!

Hair and Makeup

Wedding Day hair and makeup in Washington State
Wedding Hair and Make-Up Complete

Hair and Makeup were next on our Disco Glam Wedding Trend list, and we think Hair by Rachel Kay and That Bridal Girl understood the vision perfectly. The Hair and Makeup setup were professional, and their process made clients feel like they were at a spa.

Oh, and did we mention they offer a Grooms package? Now the fiancee can join in on the wedding day pampering. The Grooms package includes:

  • Color correction and light coverage

  • Facial hair/brow grooming

  • Neck and ear trim

  • Mini facial

  • Hair styling

  • The same dedication & attention

Short and Stylish modern wedding gown dress
Dress by Grace and Ivory


We featured three dresses here to execute our Disco Glam Wedding Trend! The beautiful silk wedding dress is from Grace + Ivory, a Chicago-based bridal boutique with try-at-home options. This woman-owned business supports women getting married on their terms and provides gorgeous wedding wear to reflect their mission.

The white wrap dress is from LuLus', an excellent option for a more casual or last-minute elopement dress.


We were ecstatic to work with Moonflower Designs, a recent PNW transplant from the East Coast. Sam's artistry and ingenuity created the shoot's vibrant, natural, and avant-garde floral.


Pennies Events provided rentals. Pennies Event rental inventory covers an array of design styles, though we were partial to her disco balls and modern glass vases ;).

The records, used as chargers, were from Amazon. These are not just table statement pieces but actual records. Decorative and functional!


We wanted a simple ceremony space so that the floral arrangements could have their moment to shine.

We also asked Bethany to get a few shots of Ashley-Sue! You can now hire her for Officiating services through Cascadia, talk about a Disco Glam Wedding Trend!

Cake Table

Married AF cake
Married AF Cake

We love it when the Cake/Dessert Tab;e is made into a focal point! We have seen many a cake table sit in a corner until it is time to cut the cake, then quickly picked apart.

We wanted to have fun with the cake table design. Feathers, LED lights, and disco balls took this from a simple but boring table to a statement piece.


Perhaps our favorite part of this shoot was the oh-so-PNW rain! While at first, we worried about its impact on outdoor shots, that quickly melted away when Bethany caught this rainbow!

Rainbow on their rainy wedding day in Washington State
Wedding Day Rainbow

So there you have it, a PNW glam disco elopement!

Social Media Handles

Concept and coordination: @Cascadiaevents


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